February 25, 2013


So there has been a lot of griping about this year's winners and, fellow nominees, and filmmakers who were snubbed from contention. I decided my take on what happened last night.


What happened, happened...let's all just move on. Unless you had a Academy ballot to vote with, your opinion doesn't matter. There I said it. Okay. This isn't like a government election, where your vote DOES matter. A great majority of people aren't Academy members. 

And unless you happen to be a film critic, film historian, lover of motion pictures...wait that still won't change the outcome of last night (no recalls). What one could do is, make a better film...you know like take all that joy or disappointment and channel it into something better or memorable or...

Let's get back to working on our own films, you should be writing or editing or...learning...reading...something productive.

December 23, 2012

Happy Holidays From The Carters!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our family to yours!!  

Below you will find our holiday newsletter - apologies for the small print size..
if you can't read it, let us know so we can email it to you.
Whatever you celebrate during this time of year, we hope it will be filled with time spent around family & friends...enjoy!!

Much love to our family and friends...
Anthony & Grace

July 22, 2012

Introducing Améle Olivia Cleona...

Hey Everybody!

So again sorry about the lack of posts, we should be updating regularly now. Grace and I just got back from our National Vacation week...or Delaware/Maryland Week-long Extravaganza. And after that I began teaching at the JCC again this summer. But! Good news! We brought a little firecracker back with us. Without further ado...
Amélie Olivia Cleona, Queen of Treats
Introducing Amélie Olivia Cleona, Queen of Treats, Protector of Monkeys of this realm and other states, and Keeper of the Faith. After some extensive prayer, and research, we decided that to purchase our first puppy, a pretty little girl we named Amélie after my favourite french film...
Amélie is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, she is red and white, her coat is expected to be brighter as she ages. She just turned 3 months old and 2 weeks.
Anybody like peanut butter?

Will upload pictures of her parents Oliver and Dicey when we visit next time, which might be in a month or four. In time for Thanksgiving. We've had Amélie for 2 weeks...and it's taken a great adjustment but it's rewarding. She is currently still in housebreaking mode, not so many potty accidents... more like teething. She has to learn to stop biting and licking every single surface in the house. This goes from my socks, to the table cloth...Grace's hand when excited. She's a nipper by nature, Corgis nip because they are bred to herd or that's their natural instinct. We have no sheep here, so we hope to nip this problem in the bud...STAT!

So what else is new...

  1. Grace has been at Linden Oaks Dental for almost a year and loving it and her co-workers. It's a great atmosphere, and they all support each other in a almost familial sisterly way.
  2. I've been shooting and editing weddings on and off this summer...crazy how different they can be. And how taxing they can be on your mind and body.
  3. JCC Theatre Arts Camp Session 1 ends this week. I go back in to teach another two weeks at the end of August. It's amazing to see how excited film makes the students. It's also great to see my students rehearse and work together in preparation for their film project. They have two weeks to put together a story (that I have to pen in a evening), rehearse and then shoot...so the last day of camp they have a film to show. It's a awesome whirlwind. :-)
  4. Our church's 35th Anniversary weekend begins the last day of Camp Session II, hopefully I can get working on a video for them...soon! Just have to be told what to do...not that I don't have my own ideas. It's just great to have some direction.
Please continue to pray for us...for strength and patience for Amélie has she continues to adjust to us and we to her. Grace and I will begin soon a most grueling remainder of the summer, as I finish camp, then we head into VBS, then prep for the 35th Anniversary video and the last session of JCC camp.